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Secret Vienna Blog


Fire at the Nordbahnhalle

Perhaps you looked out the window last Sunday and saw a massive column of smoke rising from somewhere near the border of the 2nd and 20th districts and wondered what it could be. If so, you were in good company as the smoke plumes could be seen over much of the city. Sadly, it was…

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November 13, 2019

Prater Stars and Stations

Although you may not have ever given it any actual thought, the name Pratersten is not random or accidental – it is in fact next to the Prater, and shaped like a star (stern) by virtue of the 7 streets that all meet there. It has officially had this name since the 19th century, some…

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August 20, 2019

Bridge over the River Danube

Bridges have long been important features of Vienna as they have functioned as connections between the various parts of the city located alongside the Danube. Today, of course, the river is regulated and the bridges are standard features transporting thousands of commuters to and from the city every day. But this hasnt always been the…

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August 6, 2019

Discovering the Nestroyhof

Nestroy is a name that comes up frequently in Vienna, especially if you are traveling along the U1 where you will eventually come across Nestroyplatz. But who was the eponymous Nestroy? His name was in fact Johann Nepomuk Eduard Ambrosius Nestroy — quite a mouthful! — and he was a famous singer and playwright during…

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July 13, 2019

Breaking the barrier of human achievement

Vienna is a city that has seen many historical events — and may be home to another great and historic feat come this October. That is because Vienna, and specifically the Prater park, have been selected as the next place for Marathon runner Eliud Kipchoge to try to break the 2 hour marathon barrier. No…

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July 9, 2019

Japanese Pagodas on the Danube

Now that the days are getting longer and warmer, its the perfect weather to go for a run or cycle along the Danube. One of the nicest places for this is the Donauinsel, which stretches some 21 kilometers in length between the Donau and the Neue Donau. If you go for a run here, especially…

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June 14, 2019

On the Tabor

Have you ever wandered through the 2nd district and found yourself wondering what “Am Tabor” means? If you are well-versed in battle and defense terminology from the Middle Ages the meaning may already be clear to you, but the rest of you are likely left wondering ‘on the…what?’. As it turns out, a ‘Tabor’ refers…

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June 12, 2019

A trot and a run: the Trabrennbahn

We recently told you the history of the Galopprennbahn in Vienna, but as we mentioned in that story, there has historically been another horse track in the city: the Trabrennbahn, a race track specifically for trotting rather than galloping. It is the younger of the two racetracks, and was opened in 1878. It is located…

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May 31, 2019

The Misunderstood Location of the Johannes of Nepomuk Chapel

If you take tram line no. 2 or 5 to the station ‘Am Tabor’, you may notice a small chapel along the side of the road, that seems at once unassuming but at the same time requiring your attention. There is no indication what the chapel is for or what its history is; aside from…

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May 28, 2019

Augarten, or the joys of Floodplain Park

There are many great parks in Vienna, but surely one of the most loved and most visited is the Augarten. Located in the heart of the 2nd district, this green oasis of manicured lawns and wild, untamed underbrush has long provided the residents of Vienna a place to relax and enjoy in the middle of…

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May 21, 2019

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