The Remains of Vienna’s Central Livestock Market


Historically there were many different markets in Vienna, and many of today’s street names reflect this: Kohlmarkt, Heumarkt, Hoher Markt, and Bauernmarkt to name a few. Aside from the names that harken back to these earlier times, however, there is little other evidence that would clue you in to the fact that these areas used…

Russian Orthodox Church and Tsar Alexander III

Vienna History Tours

Vienna has so many churches that it can become hard to keep track, but a few stand out from the crowd. One of these is the Russian Orthodox church in the 3rd district, which just about any passer-by would quickly identify as being Russian on account of the distinctive onion-shaped domes that jut out over…

The Heights of the Hochstrahlbrunnen

Vienna City Tours

There is no shortage of fountains around Vienna, but one of the largest and best known is the Hochstrahlbrunnen at Schwarzenbergplatz. Although it looks like a rather modern construction, it was actually built — in a matter of just 4 months – in 1873. Although it stands just in front of the Russian monument, it…

It’s not me, it’s a photograph – Elina Brotherus exhibition in Kunst Haus Wien, Museum Hundertwasser

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‘It’s not me, it’s a photograph’ is the title of the current exhibition of Elina Brotherus, a Finnish photographer, on display in Museum Hundertwasser in Vienna’s third district. While apparently meant to put some protective distance between the viewer and the artist, the title ends up triggering a series of questions: what is a photograph,…

The story of Richard Löwenherz


UK royals have traditionally been welcome in Austria. The red carpet was rolled out for Charles and Camilla earlier this year, while Edward VII enjoyed hunting with Franz Joseph in his playboy years. This warm reception has not always been the case though. Richard I – famously the Lionheart – did not shirk from making…