The Story of Frederic Morton

piblectures_vol2: “Frederic Morton – ein Amerikaner aus Wien – RŸckkehr in BŸchern”

It is time to tell you about Frederic Morton. Born in Vienna in October 1924 as Fritz Mandelbaum, his family escaped Vienna in June 1939 when he was 14 years old and eventually settled in New York. He has told the story that while he was waiting for the taxi that would take the family…

The story of the REAKTOR


In February 2018, the former Grand Etablissement Gschwandner was reopened under the name “REAKTOR” as a new place of arts and culture. The Etablissement Gschwandner was an extension of the typical Viennese Heuriger, which had been run by the Gschwandner family since the 1830s, and it was built in 1877. It was among the most…

The story of the “Schrammeln”

Vienna History Tours

If you were to think about music stars from Austria it is likely that two names would come to your mind: Mozart and Falco. These artists are Austria’s most famous musical exports. There are, of course, other well and less known stars in Austria. Some of them are known nationally and others are famous locally….

The Kuffner Family in Ottakring


Some weeks ago, we told you the story of the Ottakringer brewery and mentioned the cousins Ignaz and Jacob Kuffner. The family Kuffner originated in Lundenburg (today Breclav in the Czech Republic) and they already owned a brewery there by the time some of its members came to Vienna in 1848. It was in 1850…