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The story of the Andrássy Villa (Update)


Sometime ago, we told you the story of the Andrássy Villa.  A large house in the district of Döblig. At that time, we noted that the place was in pretty bad shape and we were wondering what would happen to it. We don’t know who owns the places now, but we passed by some weeks…

The heights of the Höhenstrasse


Driving into or from Vienna might take you over the Höhenstrasse, a long and winding road that connects Neustift am Walde with Grinzing, and ultimately Klosterneuburg. It is probably one of Vienna’s more well-known roads, and with good reason. Not only is it an important connector, it also offers some of the nicest views of…

The Story of the Stefaniewarte


Perhaps visitors to Vienna have noticed that part of the city is surrounded by hills. If you walk, for example, east from the Stephansdom there is no chance you will miss them. It is likely that the most famous hill in the city is the Kahlenberg. Located in the district of Döbling with a height…

The story of the Setagayapark


The time of the cherry blossom is one of the highlights in the Japanese calendar and marks the beginning of spring. To celebrate this special time of the year, we want to introduce to you the Setagayapark, a little Japanese hideout in Vienna’s 19th district.

Hand-me-down Kahlenberg


Rising gently to the north of the city, neither the Kahlenberg nor the Leopoldsberg can really be called mountains, despite the presence of the word ‘berg’ in their names – perhaps for the relative flatlands of the east these qualify as a mountain, but for the rest of alpine Austria, they barely register. Nonetheless, both…

Karl Marx in Vienna

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The 5th of May 2018 marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of Karl Marx. Even if the man himself is said to have traveled to Vienna only once during the turbulent year that was 1848, his ideas travelled the world and, for better or worse, changed it irreversibly. Vienna’s relationship to the man and…

The story of the Andrássy Villa


Some days ago, your SV explorer came across a large villa located at Hohe Warte 3 in the district of Döbling (the 19th district). This is a large complex that faces two streets and, although the complex is closed, one could still see the building inside, which was in extremely bad shape.  And just right…