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Secret Vienna Blog


The story of the Habig-Hof


Perhaps some of our readers entered a coffee house one day and they were impressed. Some days ago, we felt that way. But let us start from the beginning. We have told you many stories about k.k. or k. u k. businesses (Imperial and Royal suppliers) and while many of them were located in the…

The Story of the Cafe Schönbergers


There are many places to drink coffee in Vienna. Some have impressive interior designs and others are more spartan. Some of them are small and others are big and always crowded. Not all of them have great coffee and definitely not all of them feel like your own living room. Cafe Schönbergers combines important characteristics…

The Story of the Opernpassage


We all know that Vienna is very well connected. And not only because of its great public transport system, but also because it has a system of corridors that help you, for example, to go from the Mariahilferstraße to the Naschmarkt using the passage offered by the Raimund-Hof. Years after the construction of the Ringstraße,…

The story of the Mural at the Lazarist’s Chapel in Vienna


As we have told you in the past, there is no shortage of churches in Vienna, some better and some lesser known. Some are easy to see while others are not hiding but may not be perceived immediately. The Lazaristenkirche on Kaiserstraße 7 is not hiding, but if you are not in the area, it…