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Climbing Up to Klimt

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It has been almost exactly 100 years since Gustav Klimt died on February 6, 1918, but he has remained one of Vienna’s most famous and talked about artists. Some of his most well-known paintings can of course be found in the Belvedere and Leopold Museum, but the Jugendstil style for which he is primarily known…

Muse and lover: Maria Zimmermann’s memories of Gustav Klimt

City Tour of Vienna

Gustav Klimt is a legendary figure in Vienna these days, though he was already well-known in his lifetime – not only for his art, but also for his many lovers and the affairs he had with his models. One of these was Maria Zimmermann, who was not only a muse, but the mother of two…

The Complicated Life and Times of Alma Mahler

Vienna History Tours

If you’ve taken our Powerful Women of Vienna tour, you know that there were many important and influential women in Vienna’s history. One such woman, who is not featured on the tour but who lived an extraordinary life, is Alma Mahler. She was the daughter of a well-regarded artist who often painted for the Habsburgs,…