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water fountain

Vienna’s earthly angel fountain


Not long ago we showed you the Schutzengelbrunnen (Guardian Angel Fountain) in the fourth district of Vienna. Not far from it is a second fountain with a very similar name, Engelbrunnen (Engel meaning Angel in German). It consists of two round basins between which a compact columnar pedestal emerges. On it stands the figure of…



Guardian angels are a widespread phenomenon. Many different cultures throughout history have believed that individuals, groups, cities or entire countries are protected by spiritual beings. In Vienna this idea is manifested in the Guardian Angel Fountain. Its octagonal basin is crowned by a column on which a guardian angel shelters a small child. The water…

Nixenbrunnen Palais Ferstel


As we mentioned in another story recently, one of the unique features of the Palais Ferstel is the covered shopping arcade that runs through it, and is open to the public. At the time it was built, this passage was intended to be something like a bazaar with many small merchants selling their wares –…

The journeys of the Donnerbrunnen


Some time ago, we told you the story of the Donnerbrunnen: The fountain located in the Neuer Markt that features a partially nude reclining statue of Providentia surrounded by allegorical figures symbolizing the main rivers of Austria. The nude figures of the fountain were deemed a scandalous affront to public decency and were removed in…

The Heights of the Hochstrahlbrunnen

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There is no shortage of fountains around Vienna, but one of the largest and best known is the Hochstrahlbrunnen at Schwarzenbergplatz. Although it looks like a rather modern construction, it was actually built — in a matter of just 4 months – in 1873. Although it stands just in front of the Russian monument, it…

The long and storied history of the Schönbrunnerhaus

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We recently told you about the Schönbrunner Hof, but its not the only building in the city that evokes the famous Habsburg Palace. In fact, there is another building in the 1st district with a very similar name, and that is the Schönbrunnerhaus. It is a free-standing building at the corner of Tuchlauben and Milchgasse,…

The indecency of the Donnerbrunnen

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Vienna today abounds with nude statues, nude paintings, occasional nude museum visits (for those who recall the Naked Men exhibition at the Leopold Museum in 2012/2013), naked co-ed saunas, and nude beaches on the Donauinsel and elsewhere around the city. Overall, the Viennese have pretty liberal attitudes when it comes to nudity, but it wasn’t…

The Water Fountains at the Michaelerplatz


Have you seen the sculptures on the top of the two water fountains at the Michaelerplatz? These fountains rest on both sides of what is known as the “Michaelertrakt”. The Michaelertrakt was built in the 1890s as part of the Hofburg’s expansion and, as was very common during those years, several houses had to go…

The spring of Schönbrunn and the story of its name

The spring of Schönbrunn and the story of its name img

Some say it was an artesian well for fresh water destined only to the Royal Court. Others talk of a natural spring. Nobody doubts this to be the origin of the name Schönbrunn. The story accordingly to the official website goes that the name reflects the exclamation made by young Emperor Matthias on discovering a spring in…