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Secret Vienna Blog


Moving Mozart


One of the most famous statues in the Burggarten is the Mozart Monument, located right by the entrance of the park and invariably surrounded by tourists with cameras. It seems such a natural part of the Burggarten these days that it is difficult to imagine it elsewhere – but indeed, this was not its original…

The story of the Burgtheater


The actor Terrence Mann once famously said that “movies make you famous; television makes you rich; but theatre will make you good”. And if you are an actor in Vienna there is one place in particular that even makes you one of the best – the Burgtheater, or as the Viennese call it “die Burg”….

The Ringturm and its artsy wrapping

Vienna Tours

If, like this SV explorer, you are one of those people who use the Donaukanal as a natural extension of your living-room during summer evenings, then you are already familiar with the huge artsy prints which cover completely one of the tallest buildings of the area and that change every season. If you are so…

Denzel – the first Austrian car

Vienna History Tours

At the end of World War II, everything was gloom and doom in Vienna, as we wrote in a previous post. Or almost everything.  Wolfgang W. Denzel, a racing driver and engineer whose father owned an electrical engines factory in Styria, decided to build the first Austrian car in Vienna. Using the chassis of a…

The story of the Philipphof

City Tour of Vienna

Sometimes we tell you stories about buildings that one can see when walking around the city. And if you look carefully you may notice that some buildings seem a bit out of place. This may happen, for example, in the city center where you may see a baroque building next to a building built during…

Glimpses of Post-War Vienna

post-war vienna

For some glimpses into post War Vienna, your SV explorer looked through the period articles covering the city in The New Yorker magazine. Most dispatches compare Vienna to Berlin. Vienna fares slightly better in all. The economic situation is dire in the first letter from February 1946. The black market is flourishing. Most looked after…

The Third Man and the Ruins of Vienna

third man

The Third Man, a 1949 film noir directed by Carol Reed and written by Graham Greene is constantly rated as one of the best British movies ever made. Its plot is deceivingly simple, built around a detective story placed in post-World War II Vienna. For Vienna lovers, though, it is not the screenplay, the cinematography,…