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The Clock that wasn’t


One mission we had when we visited the Chancellor’s office the other day was to find a clock. You see, we read that there is a cartel clock in the Ministerratssaal where the painting of the young Franz Joseph is also located. According to the story we read, this Parisian clock was likely a present from Marie Antoinette to her brother Joseph II. This happened perhaps sometime between 1770-1793 when she was in France. The story says that one day the clock fell from the wall and it had to be repaired. The watchmaker brought it back to life, but made a tiny mistake with the name of the clock’s manufacturer: Instead of reading “Lacroix” the name reads “Lacroa”. And we went to see this mistake. To our surprise, the name of the manufacturer was neither Lacroix nor Lacroa, but some like “Duno…”. The mistake was nowhere to be found. Perhaps the clock is in another room and we need to go back. Fun fact: Apparently, the cartel clock is not working. We were there way before 7 p.m.! (Cr)

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