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The Gasometer


The four former cylinders located at the Gasometer were built as part of the Vienna municipal gas works Gaswerk Simmering in 1896–1899 to be used as gas storage tanks. They were used from 1899 to 1984 as years later different type of gas started to be used and newer technologies allowed gas to be stored underground at higher pressure and therefore occupying smaller space.

In 1995, the city decided to reconvert the old gas buildings and to give them a future appropriate for the urban needs of the 21st century.  A call for projects was initiated and the winners were architects Jean Nouvel (Gasometer A), Coop Himmelblau (Gasometer B), Manfred Wehdorn (Gasometer C) and Wilhelm Holzbauer (Gasometer D) and these projects were completed between 1999 and 2001. Each gasometer was divided into several zones for living (apartments in the top), working (offices in the middle floors) and entertainment and shopping (shopping malls in the ground floors). The shopping mall levels in each gasometer are connected to the others by skybridges.

The music lovers of Vienna know for sure the Gasometer as it hosts also a music hall (capacity 2000–3000 people) where famous local and international bands come to entertain their fans! (Ra).

Photo credits: Wikipedia


Gasometer C

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