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The story of the Margaretner Schloss

City Tour of Vienna

The Margaretner Schloss in Vienna’s fifth district is quite famous as it has a nice and old architecture and part of it is known as the Schlossquadrat, where some restaurants are located. At some point before the 16th century the building complex located here was known as the Margaretner Schloss, but the complex that stands here today is from a later time. You see, in all these years the Margaretner Schloss was destroyed, rebuilt, and expanded.

It was only some time ago that your SV explorer noticed something “new” when passing by the Margaretner Schloss: a plaque written in Latin got our attention. You see, in the mid-17th century the building complex was rebuilt after it was destroyed during the first Ottoman siege and a plaque was put somewhere here in order to commemorate those events. Nevertheless, the new Margaretner Schloss was destroyed some years later during the second Ottoman siege only to be rebuilt again. The original plaque found a new home and it is located now at Margaretenplatz 3. So, if you pass by there and decipher the message of the plaque, let us know! (Cr).


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