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Vienna Contemporary / PARALLEL VIENNA / Curated by


Vienna’s busy contemporary art scene of fairs and events

Yes, a huge, inflatable, golden head of Karl Marx appeared on the roof of an office building. This time Marx got on the building to make an artistic statement and not a political one (even if some would correctly say that art is always political). The installation is part of PARALLEL VIENNA – a contemporary art platform and event, which takes place September 25th – 30th this year. Like every year, the event is organized in a temporarily vacant building which becomes for a few days a collective home for artistic explorations. ‘PARALLEL VIENNA is a hybrid between art fair, exhibition platform and artist studio’. Every exhibitor occupies for a few days a room where a couple of months ago some colleagues where preoccupied with excels and power point presentations. Art has its small ironies together with its large Marxes.

The place that will probably attract all contemporary art lovers in Vienna next week has something to do with another Marx. It is the Marx Halle (which takes its name from a saint and not from the thinker) as during September 27th – 30th it will host viennacontemporary – Austria’s international art fair. With a rich and eclectic program, the event includes a section dedicated to Armenian contemporary art scene (Dreaming Alive) and a project on what a Roma culture museum would look like (Invisible Museum) that this SV explorer will for sure not miss.

If after this contemporary art marathon the only thing you want is to see more contemporary art, then Vienna is your place.

Curated by is a gallery festival which takes place this year between September 14th and October 13th. A full month during which internationally renowned curators use the space of participating galleries to make an artistic statement. This year’s title is viennaline and it focuses on the city itself. ‘The optimism of enlightenment, the political situation, the modes of perception, the city of contrasts, life between the baroque and present times, the culturally entrenched bridge between the East and West, local elements in the global context, and the imaginary itself are among the distinctive components of this city’. (Ra)


Vienna is not boring!



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