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Vienna’s first picture

As a follower of SV (and perhaps also of our Instagram account) you know that for our stories we always try to show you the best pics we can take. But of course, we were not the first to take pictures of Vienna. The first publicly available photographic process was the “daguerreotype”, which was invented by the French artist Louis Daguerre. Therefore, he was one of the first photographers. The honor of being Vienna’s first photographer goes to Andreas von Ettingshausen, a mathematician and physicist. He was born in Heidelberg and made Vienna his home as he attended Vienna University and got a professorship there in 1817. Once the news about Daguerre reached Vienna, Chancellor Metternich arranged for Ettingshausen to leave for Paris in 1839. And there he not only acquired this innovative invention, but learned the secrets behind it from the master himself. Once back in Vienna, Ettingshausen took Vienna’s first pic, which had as its motif the Wiener Hofreitschule (Vienna Royal Riding School) and the old Burgtheater. This was sometime in March or April 1840. And so it was that Vienna’s first pic was born. For copyright reasons, we cannot post the pic, but you can find it in the link below. (Cr)

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