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YogaKula: A yoga studio with an international edge


The story of YogaKula

YogaKula Studio can be found in the heart of Vienna’s first district. Located between the famous Opera House and Karlsplatz. It offers daily differrent styles of Yoga classes in both German and English. Due to its prime location many tourists and Viennese find themselves in a class together. Apart from the regular schedule they also offer Workshops with Instructors from Vienna as well as from around the world creating a local Yoga School with an international flair.

The YogaKula Studio was founded back in 2008. It was the first Yoga Studio in Vienna that had the idea of bringing an international edge to it. Since the opening it has been a family run business. Anna came to Vienna over 30 years ago and is now successfully running the studio together with her daughter Eva.



Diverse Classes in German and English

The timetable stands out for its versatility. Over 50 classes are taught throughout the week and special value is placed on the diversity of the class. Whether you are looking for a sweat session or deep relaxation- YogaKula Studio has both up for grabs! If someone is also looking to broaden their Yoga knowledge the workshops are a great place to begin. However if someone is really ready to dive into the Yoga world they offer regular Yoga teacher training programs.

Join the YogaKula community

Yogakula Studio is always looking to expand their Yoga community as well as keeping up with the current community. At the moment you can follow them on their various social media channels. As soon as things get up and running they look forward to opening their doors for you and welcoming you to experience it for yourself.



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And make sure to join an awesome yoga class when it’s again possible!

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