Beach Bars in Vienna We Recommend

Vienna has some awesome beach bars, where you can relax, drink whatever your heart desires, and enjoy the sun. Some of those spots can be found right in the inner city:

Strandbar Herrmann

This spot is one of the most famous ones in Vienna. Located right next to the Urania, this bar is famous for different events, drinks, and the comfortable beach chairs, which allow you to relax while enjoying the special atmosphere this spot offers. They are open Monday (2 pm – 2 am) to Sunday (10 am – 2 am). Click here for more information

Neni am Wasser

Here you can enjoy the oriental food NENI stands for – founded by Haya Molcho and her sons. You can find this spot right by the Donaukanal. They are open Tuesday (5 pm – 11 pm) to Sunday (12 pm – 8:30 pm). Click here for more information 


Located vis-a-vis the Schwedenplatz, this bar offers all types of drinks and food variations. They are open Sunday to Wednesday (12 pm – 12 am) and from Thursday to Saturday (12 pm – 2 am). Click here for more information 


This spot is also very famous amongst Viennese. You can find the bar right at the U4 station Roßauer Lände, they are open daily and offer different events all over the upcoming weeks. Click here for more information

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