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Spider Rock Vienna

Spider Rock is known for the world’s biggest mobile Flying Fox construction (380 metres) as well as their Powerfan (a 36 metres fall). You can easily reach them via the U2 (station Donaumarina).

No matter if you are chasing adrenaline highs with friends, family or colleagues, this attraction will leave you trembling for more.


Schönbrunn VR

Thanks to this new experience you can travel back in time, experience historical moments and scenes from the 18th century. Learn more about the planning of the castle Schönbrunn, listen to compositions written by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and dine with empress Elisabeth (Sisi) and emperor Franz Joseph.

The story is brought to life thanks to the 360° perspective in 4k quality. And all you need to do is sit back in one of the baroque-style chairs, and let the 24 minute long experience pull you along.

Schwerelos - Floating Center Vienna

Schwerelos was founded in 2018 by a medical scientist who researched hallucinations and imaginations with a floating tank in his own basement. The vision of Schwerelos is to make sensory deprivation therapy easily available on the highest standards possible for anyone who seeks for a betterment of physical and mental health, a place to escape and relax, or an interesting experience. 

Thanks to our partnership with Schwerelos we can offer you a 20% discount for single and couple floating. 


Hamtil & Söhne

Founded in 2016, the shop Hamtil & Söhne can be found in the Herrengasse 2. Not only is the shop part of our famous Looshaus, but they also offer beautiful accessories, design products and small gifts – most products have a connection to Vienna. This store is the perfect spot if you want to get your hands on unusual souvenirs or presents that can remind you of our beautiful city.

If you tell the cashier that you’ve read about the shop on our Secret Vienna website or on our social media you will get 20% off your purchase of their drinking glasses.

Golden Tree Spa

Founded in 1889 in California, Los Angeles, the massage company & wellness centre Golden Tree has been providing professional massage services to clients for more than a century. Whatever kind of massage in Vienna you’re looking for, you are sure to get it with our partners at the Golden Tree. The main aim of the spa centre and massage studio is to remove body fatigue, toxins, and rejuvenate it.

Sisi’s amazing Journey

The attraction Sisi’s amazing Journey is focused on empress Sisi, her history and life, which you will learn about on a 5D boat trip. Hear the most exciting anecdotes from Sisi’s life before the boat sets off and takes you to the most beautiful and interesting places and sights. The crowning glory of your journey through time: a virtual flight over Vienna with a 360-degree view.

Thanks to our partnership you’ll get 15% off your tickets, if you show them a booking confirmation of a Secret Vienna tour you’ve been part of.

Time Travel Vienna

If you ever felt the desire to travel back in time, this attraction is perfect for you. Time Travel Vienna works with 5D cinema, animatronic wax figures, various rides and multimedia shows as well as extraordinary sound and light effects. This allows Time Travel to make the moving history of Vienna come alive and tangible in a unique way.

Thanks to our partnership you’ll get 15% off your tickets, if you show them a booking confirmation of a Secret Vienna tour you’ve been part of or will be a part of.

Twin City Liner

The fastest and most modern ship on the Danube will take you to Bratislava from Vienna in only about 75 minutes. With a speed of 70 km/h the high speed-catamaran offers an unforgettable experience.

You can combine the trip with a sightseeing program in Bratislava, which can be adjusted to your liking. There’s also an option to charter the boat and to head to other destinations.

With the code SV102022 you will get a 10% discount on your booking.

Share Now Vienna

Explore Vienna by car with SHARE NOW: 1 minute to 30 days from 0.26€/min
You will get a 10 € welcome credit and won’t have to pay the registration fee, thanks to our partnership.

If you want to plan your trip beforehand, you can also reserve a car here ( https://www.share-now.com/prebook/en/vienna/trip ) which will be brought to your location.

All you have to do is:
Download the SHARE NOW App
Upload your driver’s license and wait for the validation
As soon as your driver’s license is validated you can start discovering the city with SHARE NOW

Open House Theatre Vienna

The Open House Theatre Vienna is a group of people who are focusing on high quality theatre, film and media productions. They were founded in 2012 and ever since then they’ve been putting together English productions and occasionally German ones. 

Their past programs include successful productions of “An Inspector Calls” by J.B. Priestley,  “The Importance of Being Earnest” by Oscar Wilde or the European premiere of “Straight”. Their newest production, “Apartment 3A” premiered on the 10th of May and was a great success until it was stopped due to Covid.

Thanks to our partnership with the Open House Theatre you’ll get a 3€ discount on their ticket prices with the code “WHKYPLTU94763”. We highly recommend booking your tickets to the upcoming performance!

MAK Museum Vienna

The MAK (museum for applied art) is a museum focused on bringing the past and the future closer together. From the medieval period on, the museum displays furniture, glass, porcelain, silverware, and textiles. Current exhibitions focus on Josef Hoffmann, the evolution of Chernobyl’s nature after the nuclear disaster and on tin glazing.

Click the red button to visit the museum’s website and to learn more about their permanent and changing exhibitions.

Vienna English Theatre

The VET – Vienna’s English Theatre – is the oldest and most established English-language theatre in continental Europe. It was founded in 1963 and was originally intended as a summer theatre. International Stars have found their way to the VET over the past centuries, let it be Linda Gray, Benedict Cumberbatch or Judi Dench. In 2004 Vienna’s English Theatre was awarded the Nestroy Prize for forty years of distinguished achievement.

Click the red button for more information about the theatre and their exciting program.

Vienna Crime Museum

The Viennese Crime Museum, located in the Große Sperlgasse 24, has a long history of more than 100 years. It’s definitely a must-see in our city. Telling the story of prominent criminal cases, murderers, and executions, the museum is dedicated to the ones that are up to delve deeper into the stories of Vienna’s darkest times.

The museum is situated in one of the oldest houses of the 2nd district, it was once called “Seifensiederhaus” and was built long before 1685. A visit to this museum is included in our German tour “Blutchronik”, should you not have the time for a tour, we still recommend visiting this museum if you are into crime stories.

Click the red button to learn more about this great museum!

The Dorotheum

Founded in 1707, the Dorotheum is one of the world’s oldest auction houses. Today the Dorotheum has its main focus on modern and contemporary art.

If you want to seize the chance to learn more about the history of the Dorotheum, you should think about booking our German and English tour, “The secrets of the Dorotheum”. Should you not have the time to take part in the tour, we still recommend visiting the Dorotheum and participating in one of their public auctions.

Click on the red button to learn more about our “Secrets of the Dorotheum” tour with the guide Robert Eichhorn!

Schönbrunn Marionettentheater

A trip to Vienna isn’t complete without visiting Schönbrunn, so why don’t you combine your trip to the palace with a visit to their Marionettentheater?

The Marionettentheater has a long tradition of more than 250 years. Today they play shows like Mozart’s ‘The Magic Flute’, ‘Sisi’s Secret’ or the children’s version of the Magic Flute – all of their puppets are made by themselves.

Till the end of May they are performing “Mozart und die Zauberflöte” – Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 7 pm – if you tell them that you’ve read about this play on our Secret Vienna website or on our social media you will receive a 20 % discount on your tickets.

BodyandSoul - Harmony

We all need our calm moments and the days where we can take it a bit slower. No matter if you are visiting Vienna as a tourist or if you live here, the salt cave “BodyandSoul – Harmony” offers the perfect deal for you. The visit to this salt cave takes 45 minutes, and can be adjusted to your personal preferences.

To schedule an appointment call +4369910405070 and tell them that you’ve read about BodyandSoul-Harmony on our Secret Vienna website or on our social media and you will receive a 20 % discount.

Burg Liechtenstein

A trip to Austria isn’t complete without visiting our beautiful castles. One of those castles is the Burg Liechtenstein, located in Maria Enzersdorf. This castle was built in the 1130s and tells a fascinating story about the different royal families who once owned the castle.

If you buy your ticket at the castle, tell them that you’ve read about the castle on our Secret Vienna website or on our social media and you will receive a discounted price for the tickets, instead of 12 € you will only pay 10 €.

Haydn Gesellschaft

Founded in 1969, the Haydn Gesellschaft has its focus on well known and also rarely played works by the Haydn brothers as well as composers associated with the two. Joseph Haydn is inevitably connected to our city, hence why visiting a concert put together by the Haydn-Gesellschaft is something you shouldn’t miss out on.

Thanks to our partnership you will be able to get your hands on reduced ticket prices. On their website you can find a list of their reduced prices. All you have to do is email karten@haydn-gesellschaft.at to buy your tickets, tell them that you’ve read about them on our Secret Vienna website or on our social media and you will get a discount.

E-Bus Tours Vienna

Exploring Vienna is always exciting, let it be by foot, by bike or even by E-bus. 

Our partners at E-bus tours offer a unique experience that will make your trip through the city unforgettable. Their 45 minute tour starts and ends at the Heldenplatz, and they can transport up to 20 people with their e-busses. The tour will take you past the most important places in the inner city and you can even book a private tour for your next adventure. 

We absolutely recommend exploring our city in an eco-friendly way! Click on the red button to register and our partners will get back to you with an offer!

Burg Kino

The Burg Kino is a must visit on your next trip to the inner city. 

Located on the Opernring, the cinema was founded in 1912 and is one of the oldest cinemas worldwide which are still in operation. The Burg Kino is known for hosting different kinds of film events and they also do regular screenings of the movie The Third Man, which was filmed in Vienna in the 1940s. The cinema specializes in showing movies in their original language, mainly productions in English.

Don’t miss out on visiting this historic gem in the heart of our beautiful city. Thanks to our partnership with the Burg Kino, you as a Secret Vienna explorer can get a discount on your next ticket! Simply use the code SV2022 to enjoy the deal.

Secrets of the Fiaker & horse-carriages - inclduing a horse carriage ride

Get an insight into the world of the famous Viennese horse-drawn carriages (“Fiakerei” in german). Who are the Fiakers? Where did they come from? Get to the bottom of these secrets by visiting the original Viennese Fiaker horse stable.

For the first time, you’ll have the opportunity to take a look behind the scenes of the traditional two team Fiakers (the original horse-drawn taxi!). Explore the unique Fiaker Horse Center in Vienna’s 11th district of Simmering. An exclusive barn tour will give you insight into what’s going on in our traditional Viennese Fiaker family business.

Then, take a ride in an original Viennese Fiaker – the ubiquitous passenger transport of the 18th century – to the city. During the carriage ride, you’ll pass through the up-coming St. Marx district, heading to the city center along the famous Ringstraße. You’ll be dropped off at Michaelerplatz in the city center – a perfect place to continue your exploration of Vienna’s top sights.

To book your tickets, simply click on the red button! We wish you a great time at the tour and thank our partners Riding Dinner for offering such a unique activity in Vienna!

First Escape- An escape room in the heart of Vienna

First Escape is considered as one of the best escape rooms in Vienna. Located right in the inner city, this awesome escape room offers various quests in ranging levels of difficulty!

Gather your family and friends and test your ability to solve problems quickly, find clues and eventually, escape the room! Their room options include- “Hotel Room 13”, “The Opera”, “The Castle” and the latest addition- “The Subway” Each room was designed brilliantly and includes some incredible effects that will immerse you in the experience!

Our team has tried it too and loved the experience and the amazing service we received! Make sure that upon booking you tell them that you came from Secret Vienna as you will get to enjoy a nice discount!

Royi’s Creperie- A one of a kind Creperie in Vienna

In Vienna’s 6th district, in a lovely and quiet street nearby Gumpendorferstraße, one can find a true hidden gem- Royi’s Creperie!

It’s easy to fall in love with Royi’s Creperie, right from your very first step inside. It’s a small and absolutely charming place where every little detail is taken into consideration. At Royi’s Creperie you won’t find uninspired crepes with Nutella. Instead, you will find an ever changing menu full with incredibly creative crepes designed to constantly surprise the customers.

We absolutely recommend visiting Royi’s Creperie! When you come, make sure you’re hungry as you’ll be able to eat both salty and sweet crepes that will blow your mind. Feel free to say that you came from Secret Vienna!

Future Bus Tours

Our friends from Future Bus Tours offer a new and unique way to explore Vienna.
Starting from Albertinaplatz, they will take you on a journey back in time through virtual reality.
At 4 stops along the 1 hour bus tour, you will get to dive into history, meet important historical figures, witness the battle of Vienna, an assassination attempt and more.

Through an audio guide, you will learn about the story of Vienna and about the heroes who defended the city from its many enemies. This exciting tour can be booked directly through the Future Bus Tours website here.

Vienna Airport Driver

We’ve selected Vienna Airport Driver to be our exclusive taxi service partner in Vienna thanks to their reliability, professionalism and their excellent reputation as the best taxi company in the city.

Vienna Airport Driver is your perfect solution for transfers from and to the airport. Simply book the service online and the driver will await you either as you exit the arrivals terminal or directly at your hotel (for return transfers). The offices of Vienna Airport Driver are right inside the airport and with a fleet of hundreds of drivers they can guarantee the punctual arrival of the driver so that you will get to your destination in a convenient and timely manner.

You can book the service for yourself, your family or your guests directly through the Vienna Airport Driver website here.

The museum of art history Vienna

The Vienna art history museum is a true masterpiece.

Located at Maria Theresien Platz, this museum has everything that art or history lovers might look for- archeological discoveries from ancient Egypt, statues from ancient Greece and Rome, artefacts collected by the Habsburg monarchy throughout the century and an art gallery full with paintings of Europe’s most renowned masters.

In our opinion, A trip to Vienna without a visit to this museum is incomplete!

Check out the museum’s website to find out more information about their current exhibitions, tours and other relevant information.