5 spots where you can enjoy coffee in Vienna

Here are 5 spot where you can enjoy coffee in Vienna

Drinking coffee while enjoying the sun is one of our favourite pastimes, no matter the season (as long as there’s sun of course). Today I want to tell you about five (5) spots where you enjoy your coffee in Vienna.

The Stadtpark

Vienna’s Stadtpark is not only easy to reach by foot or with the U4 (Stadtpark). But it is also a perfect area where you can either sit down and relax or walk around the park and enjoy the historic green oasis. The park opened in 1862. Bridges allow you to cross the Wienfluss, and you can even find the golden statue of Johann Strauss in the Stadtpark. There is always something new to discover, no matter how many times you’ve visited the park previously.


Another place where you can enjoy your coffee is the Museumsquartier. Either on the green area in front of the Museumsquartier or one of the benches in the inner courtyard. You can reach the Museumsquartier by foot, via the U3 (Volkstheater) or with the Straßenbahn. Once Vienna’s imperial stables in the early eighteenth century is now a platform for artistic creations.

Other recommended spots

Only about a minute away from the MQ you can find the Naturhistorische and the Kunsthistorische Museum. The impressive statue of Maria Theresia stands out between both museums. The green areas are the perfect spots to sit down.

Walking along the Donaukanal, while drinking your coffee is a beautiful experience, no matter the daytime. Even when the sun is setting – and the horizon is turning red – the Donaukanal has something truly magical about it. On some spots, you can even admire beautifully crafted graffiti, or you take a seat on one of the steps leading down to the water.

The Prater is known for being a popular amusement park, but the Prater is also an oasis of greenery. Once a spot for hunting, the Prater today is the perfect place to take a calm stroll through a green, lush area. The Hauptallee is used by joggers, cyclists, as well as strollers, and even in Winter, the area is filled with people from all over the city

We hope the next time the sun is shining and you’ll get yourself your beverage of choice, one of those spots can offer you some comfort!

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