Of Green Hunters and Drunken Cherubs


Walking along Praterstrasse, you might come along a rather ordinary building by Viennese standards, if not for the cherubs engaged in various amusements and activities across several panels of the façade. The house in question is located at Praterstrasse 27, and cherubim reliefs lead you to believe the building surely has some stories to tell,…

The origins of Hanswurst


Everything has an end, only the wurst has two! Perhaps you have heard this Austrian expression…of course, Austria is known for sausage, but its not the only kind of wurst that has claimed its place in history. One of the earliest and most theatrical of these is the infamous Hans Wurst, a comic figure who…

The story of the Palais Lobkowitz


Have you ever heard of the Palais Lobkowitz? Perhaps you have heard the name and most likely you have passed by it. Located not far away from the Albertina and more or less in front of the Augustinerkirche, this Palais was built in 1689-1694 by count Philipp Sigmund Dietrichstein. After him, the Palais changed owners…

The adventures of Alexander Girardi


Some days ago, we told you the story of Katharina Schratt and her relationship with the emperor Franz Joseph. There is an interesting story told by Hellmut Andics that involves them both and also the famous actor Alexander Girardi. Girardi was born in Graz in 1850 and performed in Vienna for the first time in…

The secrets of Katharina Schratt

Kaiser Franz Joseph beim Spaziergang mit Katharina Schratt

We don’t know how many women were important in the life of the Emperor Franz Joseph, but there are at least two ladies to highlight: His wife Elisabeth and Katharina Schratt. Who was Katharina? Born in 1853 in Baden bei Wien, Katharina was a well-known theater actress. It was in the mid 1880s that Elisabeth…

Vienna’s Silent Jewel: The Breitenseer Lichtspiele


For cinephiles and lovers of tradition, Vienna has lots to offer — but one of its most underrated cinematic jewels has to be the Breitenseer Lichtspiele. Billed as the world’s oldest continuously operated movie theater, this place has remained delightfully stuck in the past with a regular program of silent films that take the audience…

The lost home of the Boulevard Theater


The history of the building that houses the Kärtnerstrasse location of the Art & Style shop came as a surprise to this SV explorer, which is not a small thing at all considering that this explorer is already used to the fact that Vienna holds a secret behind every stone. The surprise of Michael Klier…

The story of the Altes Burgtheater

Vienna City Tours

Yesterday we asked you to identify one building in a picture. It did not take long for someone to win the quiz! The building in question was the “Altes Burgtheater”. The history of the building goes back to the 16th century until it was demolished in 1888 to allow for the expansion of the Hofburg….

The story of the Volksoper


When you google “Vienna” and “Opera” chances are that you will be directed to the famous State Opera. The one that was built on the grounds of the city walls and was initially known as the “K.K. Hof-Opernhaus” (The Royal Opera). But there is another opera in Vienna, which may be less known for some,…

Ronacher: A theater by any other name


We all know the Vienna takes its theater scene seriously, but how much do you know about the theaters themselves? The Ronacher in the 1st district is, together with the Theater an der Wien and the Raimund Theather, part of the United Stages Vienna and is almost fully owned by the city of Vienna. The…