The secrets of the
Viennese Apple Strudel

Private Apfelstrudel Baking Workshops

Book our new Apfelstrudel baking workshop and enjoy a fun culinary experience with your family, friends and colleagues!

Join us as we explore the art of making the iconic Viennese apple strudel from scratch. This engaging group activity not only teaches the technique of stretching strudel dough to achieve that famously thin layer but also lets you in on the secrets behind filling it with heritage apple varieties. Learn why toasted bread crumbs play a crucial role in the filling and gather all the insights you need to recreate this exquisite pastry at home.

Throughout this interactive workshop, you’ll get your hands dirty as you stretch, fill, and bake your own apple strudel. The session wraps up with a delightful tasting of your freshly baked strudel, perfectly complemented by vanilla whipped cream. To round off the experience, enjoy a selection of coffee, organic teas, and homemade juices, making this workshop a taste of true Viennese indulgence.

Why Book This Private Baking Workshop?

Ever curious about the craftsmanship behind the traditional Viennese apple strudel? This workshop is your gateway to mastering the delicate art of strudel making, from stretching the dough to understanding the finesse of its filling.

It’s a wonderful way to strengthen team bonds or create lasting memories with friends and family. Co-produced and led by knowledgeable instructors from the Kruste&Krume team, this workshop will provide you with invaluable baking tips and techniques. Plus, you’ll have the pleasure of tasting your creation, blending culinary skills with storytelling in a cosy, welcoming setting.

More Details:

Offered by: The workshop is guided by Kruste&Krume’s experienced bakers who specialise in traditional Austrian pastries. It was inspired by the rich heritage and intricate techniques behind the famous Viennese apple strudel.

Duration: 1.5 – 2 hours (the workshop’s duration depends on the number of participants)

Participants: This is a private workshop available for groups only. The group size can range from 5-15 participants.

Price: As the price depends on the number of participants, please contact us by clicking the button to receive a personalised offer.

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