The secrets of the
Viennese "Kipferl"

Secret Vienna Private Baking Workshops

Book our new baking workshop and enjoy a fun culinary experience with your family, friends and colleagues!

Dive into the heart of Vienna’s rich culinary history with our exclusive baking workshop. In this fun group activity, you will get to explore the origins of the croissant through the ancestral Viennese “Kipferl.” This engaging class invites you to uncover the secrets of a historical recipe, bringing to life the transformation of the humble “Kipferl” into the globally beloved croissant.

During this hands-on workshop, you’ll learn the fine art of dough preparation and the traditional technique of shaping the perfect “Kipferl,” once a staple on Vienna’s breakfast tables. The experience culminates in a delightful tasting session where you’ll enjoy your freshly baked creations, complemented by delicious butter and renowned apricot jam from the UNESCO-listed Wachau Valley. Paired with a selection of coffee, organic teas, and homemade juices, this workshop promises a taste of true Viennese luxury.

Why Book This Private Baking Workshop?

Ever wondered how the croissant travelled from Vienna to Paris in the 19th century or how it evolved into a globally favourite pastry? In this fun baking workshop you will get to learn the story behind the Viennese Kipferl and uncover its secrets by baking it.

It’s a fascinating opportunity to bond with your colleagues or share a special experience with your family and friends. You will be guided throughout the workshop by experts who will share some useful baking tips and techniques. And naturally, you will get to taste your creation in a blend of culinary experience and storytelling.

More Details:

Offered by: The workshop is guided by the experts from Kruste&Krume. It was inspired by the fascinating stories from the book “From Kipferl to Croissant”, which was written by Kruste&Krume founder Barbara van Melle.

Duration: 1.5 – 2 hours (the workshop’s duration depends on the number of participants)

Participants: This is a private workshop available for groups only. The group size can range from 5-15 participants.

Price: As the price depends on the number of participants, please contact us by clicking the button to receive a personalised offer.

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