Fire, Plague and other calamities- the “Corona Tour”

The Corona Pandemic has significantly changed our everyday life – at least for the time being. In the past, too, Vienna was plagued by illness, death and misfortune. Join our professional tour guide on the ultimate Corona tour.

Tour description:

Plague, cholera, typhoid and Spanish flu, fires and earthquakes – Vienna has experienced and survived many disasters. In this Secret Vienna Corona tour we we will take a journey back in time to connect, feel and even suffer with the inhabitants of the city. We will learn about their fears but also strategies of how to deal with their incredible difficult reality. You will see that our current struggles with the Corona pandemics are nothing new. Almost always, in times of epidemics, natural disasters or other hostile threats – people were convinced that the end was near only for life to keep on going.

Tour highlights:

  • Plague and piety
  • The enemy at the gates of the city
  • Fires and other disasters

And much much more!

Why this tour?

In these crazy Corona times, when life is somewhat paralysed by the Pandemic – it’s good to get some perspective by learning about all the disasters and misfortunes the citizen of Vienna had to go through and overcome. We invite you to join our Secret Vienna Corona Tour and explore the city from a different perspective.

Important details:

Tour time: Please check the full schedule to see the tour’s availability.
Duration: The tour lasts approximately 2 hours.
Guide: One of our awesome guides is looking forward to meeting you. See our full team of guides here.
Children: This tour isn’t designed for children below the age of 13.
Accessibility: This tour is wheelchair accessible.
What to wear: Comfortable shoes! Also, always check the weather forecast in advance to make sure you are dressed properly.

Tour conditions:

Minimum number of participants: The tour takes place if at least 5 people are registered. In case there aren’t enough participants, the tour will get cancelled and a full refund will be issued to those who paid.

Cancellation policy: You can cancel your booking up to 48 hours in advance. No refund will be given to those who cancel less than 48 hours before the tour. Certain exceptions apply such as emergency situations. Please note, we reserve the right to cancel the tour up to 48 hours in advance too. We will do so if our guide is unavailable due to a sudden change or if we do not have the minimum number of participants required for the tour.

Pictures and videos: Please be aware that we might take photos and videos during the tour. If you don’t want to appear in any Secret Vienna promotional pictures, please let us know by sending us a message.

Copyrights: The content of the tour is the result of the hard work done by our team of licensed guides. Therefore, recording the tour or taking pictures of artefacts and material used by the guide is strictly forbidden.

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