The story of the “Porta Decumana”.


Perhaps you have noticed that the Rotenturmstraße in the city center is a construction site. It has made some headlines in the last weeks as its appearance will change and, if all goes well, it should look better than what it is now. But this is not the only street in the city center that has…

Nymphs of the Night: Vienna’s Grabennymphe

“Lorenzo Da Ponte. Aufbruch in die Neue Welt” im Jüdischen Museum

A few days ago we gave you a brief overview of prostitution in Vienna, and some of the many euphemisms that have sprung up around a profession that has often been seen as taboo. But one of the most indelible re-brandings is surely the Grabennymph – the nymphs of the Graben, otherwise known as women…