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Ben Mayer

Ben Mayer

Creating emotions and experiences is the most important thing for our guide Ben Mayer on his entertaining tours through Vienna. And when he gives exciting insights into leading personalities, innovation…

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Michael Schefts Secret Vienna Guide

Michael Schefts

Born and raised in this wonderful city, it simply won't let him go. As an actor, director and singer, Michael has always been interested in the stories behind the history.…

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Sayed El Goukhi Secret Vienna Guide

Sayed El Goukhi

Our guide Sayed El Goukhi offers fascinating tours in Arabic. Through his academic background in Egyptology, Arabic studies and art history, he has a unique perspective about Vienna and its…

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Stephan Turmalin Secret Vienna Guide

Stephan Turmalin

Stephan is passionate about Vienna's history and in particular about Jewish Vienna. In his tours, you will get to explore Vienna's jewish side, learn about the growth and the development…

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Philipp Reichel Secret Vienna Guide

Philipp Reichel

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In his tours, the historian Philipp always keeps an eye on the topics of the present. Instead of repeating the old Austrian stereotypes, he asks other questions: what kinds of…

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Robert Eichhorn Secret Vienna Guide

Robert Eichhorn

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Our guide Robert will introduce you to the famous Viennese auction house Dorotheum, where he himself worked for more than 15 years. He knows the house from top to bottom,…

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Tanja Rosenberger Secret Vienna Guide

Tanja Rosenberger

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Tanja, a native of Vienna, is happy to tell you stories about and from Vienna, show you little-known places and hidden spots, and introduce you to the city's art and…

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Katharina Trost Secret Vienna Guide

Katharina Trost

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There are countless secrets and mysteries in Vienna that even the locals don’t know. With our guide Kathi, author of the book “Warum trägt in Wien der Schani den Garten…

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Tatjana Henfling Secret Vienna Guide

Tatjana Henfling

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As our dark side expert, Tatjana will show you a side of Vienna which explored only by the bravest. Death, mysteries and secret societies are all waiting for you in…

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Wolfgang Horak Secret Vienna Guide

Wolfgang Horak

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Our guide Wolfgang, or as some of our Secret Vienna explorers call him, Herr Commander Horak, will take you on a journey to times of war struggle and heroism. He…

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