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The Coronation of Napoleon

The magnificent church of Notre Dame in Paris was particularly full on the 2nd of December, 1804. Although it was a Sunday, the local Parisians did not come to attend the Sunday mass but rather to witness an event with incredible significance in European history. For many, the ceremony they were about to witness was…

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December 2, 2020

The battle of Dürnstein

When we think of a peaceful town where one can enjoy history, relax and disconnect from reality without getting too far from Vienna, we think of Dürnstein. The ancient streets, castle ruins and wide Danube river, make the city both charming and mysterious. With that in mind, it’s quite hard to imagine the area as…

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November 12, 2020

The story of the Burgtor

For many centuries, Vienna was surrounded by walls. Today, there are still some remnants of these fortifications and perhaps some of us are so used to some of them that we just do not notice them. The fortification walls that were located right next to the Hofburg dated back to the time of the Babenberger…

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July 22, 2017

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