A museum perfect for families and kids – Natural history museum

Visit the Natural History Museum for a fun day with your kids.

Exploring a new city with kids can be overwhelming and quite the struggle, hence why it’s important to know which places offer stimulating activities that will keep children excited. One of those places is the Natural History Museum Vienna, located in the city centre.

This great museum was opened in 1889, and the oldest holdings of the NHM Vienna are over 250 years old. Today their main exhibitions focus on prehistory and dinosaurs, fossils, anthropology, meteors, and a big variety of animal species. If your kid(s) is(are) into dinosaurs and animals, they will be amazed by the museums life-size dinosaur skeletons. The museum also offers guided tours and workshops for children.

Those of you that are interested in the history of the building and their exhibitions, should book one of our private tours. Click here for more information.

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