5 cocktail bars in Vienna we recommend

Read further for 5 cocktail bars in Vienna we recommend!

You can find all kinds of bars and pubs in Vienna, no matter the district. It can be tricky to choose the ones you should visit while staying in or exploring Vienna. So, here are 5 cocktail bars in Vienna we recommend

  • Loos Bar

Located in the 1st district, very close to the Kärnter Straße and the Stephansdom, this very hip and modern American bar that has been flourishing since the 1990s. It has an international standing and famous guests find their way to this bar every now and then. The bar got its name from Adolf Loos, a famous Viennese architect from the early 1900s. Here you can find more information

  • The Sign

Another hip spot in the inner city: The Sign, a cocktail lounge in the 4th district, near the Volksoper. Their cocktails have a modern touch to them, they are “anything but ordinary”. Here they also put together events quite often, with a focus on magic shows. We’d advise you to make a reservation, since this spot is quite famous amongst Viennese. More information can be found here 

  • Kleinod Prunkstück Cocktailbar 

This bar manages to combine modern touches with a traditional atmosphere. Located in the 1st district, close to the Stephansdom, they offer a big variety of well known cocktails and ones with their own twist to them. Be aware that they have a dress code you need to follow in order to enter this spot. Click here for more information 

  • Josef Cocktail Bar

Named after the grandfathers of the bar owners, this spot is located in the 1st district, close to Schwedenplatz. They want to combine traditional drinks with rather innovative ones, their interior is also a mixture of baroque and temporary designs. Make sure to pay attention to their creative cocktail creations when you visit this spot. We’d advise you to make a reservation. Their menu can be found here 

  • Grüner Kakadu

This spot is a bit more laid-back, and yet they cherish traditional bartending and the motto “experience and live cocktails”. Their cocktails keep on changing, since they adapt their drinks to the seasons. You can find this bar in the 1st district, near Schwedenplatz. Make sure to check out their social media, since they host exciting events every now and then. Their bar menu can be found here

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