Recommended bakery in the heart of Vienna – Oberlaa

The bakery Oberlaa is one of our favourites in Vienna!

Vienna is a true hotspot for coffee houses, bakeries and confectionaries. Most of those places are filled with history and are connected to old traditions. It’s hard to figure out which bakeries and confectionaries are worth visiting and which not. One of those you should visit is the bakery Oberlaa, which can be found all over Vienna.

The Oberlaa confectionery is famous for its high-class patisserie and confectionery artistry since 1974. Not only do they offer a big variety of baked goods, they also source most of their products from local suppliers. They offer cakes, tartelettes, confectionary and many more things. Besides their heavenly patisserie, you can also buy their products as souvenirs. Make sure to save enough time for this spot, since you will stumble upon numerous desserts and baked goods you should try.

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