Supermarkets in Vienna old city

Here are some of our favourite supermarkets in Vienna

Supermarkets in Vienna are treasured by many tourists, they offer high quality Austrian products (look for Bio products, meaning organic). Also some culinary souvenirs and products by famous Austrian restaurant chains can be found there. Supermarkets can be found all over Vienna, some even in the centre of the inner city.

Our biggest brands are Billa and Spar. Please be aware that our supermarkets are closed on Sundays. Most of them close around 7 or 8 pm. Don’t be confused by their layout, which may change from store to store.

The Spar at the Schottentor is definitely worth a visit, since the supermarket is located in a historic building. It dates back to 1912 and once was connected to the family Rothschild. Another must-visit is the Billa at the Hoher Markt.  A historic spot right next to the “Ankeruhr” (a historic clock which was built in 1914).

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