How to choose a traditional Viennese restaurant in Vienna

Here are some of our favourite traditional Viennese restaurants

Vienna’s sweet and savoury dishes are famous worldwide – let it be Schnitzel, Tafelspitz or Kaiserschmarrn. It can be quite struggling to decide which traditional Viennese restaurants you should visit, since there are quite a few famous ones out there.

The most famous Viennese restaurant is Figlmüller, located in the first district. This Viennese restaurant offers all the traditional food your heart and stomach are longing for, they are especially famous for their Wiener Schnitzel. Be aware that this spot is super popular, so we’d advise you to make a reservation beforehand. A very authentic restaurant is the Zwölf Apostelkeller, also located in the first district. Their cellar dates back to medieval times and delivers a very typical Viennese atmosphere. Another famous spot is Plachutta, which is more high-class. They have a few restaurants all over Vienna, but also in the first district – they are most famous for their Tafelspitz.

So, which one should you choose? If you are looking for an authentic atmosphere, visit the Zwölf Apostelkeller, indulge in traditional food and Austrian beer. But if you simply want to try Wiener Schnitzel, go visit Figlmüller, you won’t be disappointed.

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