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The story of the Kahlenberg Cemetery

Kahlenberg Friedhof

Laid to rest in the thicket of the Wienerwald

Would you think of cemeteries if somebody asked you to describe Vienna’s charm? Many tourists that come to Vienna take it upon themselves to visit our central cemetery, a place that tells tragic stories, kept by the most beautiful gravestones. Today we want to introduce you to another mysterious cemetery, far less known or explored. 

The Kahlenberg cemetery is hidden by the thick trees of our Wienerwald, protected by its shadows and leaves. Just a few minutes away from the viewing platform – where you will get a breathtakingly beautiful view over Vienna – you can find the cemetery that has been home to only a few graves since 17831.  More than 130 people were buried up there, but today you won’t find more than a handful of gravestones.  

They either tell you the stories of people who have once played a very important role in Vienna’s history or give you details about the padres that still get buried in the cemetery.  

Prince Charles Joseph de Ligne, one of the main magnates at the Viennese Congress in 1814/15, and his wife Franziska have been laid to rest next to one another in the years 1814 and 18212. In the far back of the cemetery, you can visit a mausoleum, owned by the family Finsterle. Though the by far most interesting grave is the one of Karoline Traunwieser, the allegedly most beautiful woman of Vienna around 1814. On her gravestone you can read poems about her beauty, giving you a small insight into her short though mostly glamorous life. We will talk more about Karoline’s life in November, the month dedicated to women from our city.  

The forest cemetery has a very mysterious though calm aura to it, sit down on one of the wooden benches and listen to the secrets this magical place has to offer. This spot is easily accessible by the bus 38A that will take you from Heiligenstadt through Grinzing up to the top of the Kahlenberg,

Kahlenberg Cemetery

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