Café Weidinger Vienna

There are dozens of classic coffee houses in Vienna, which are worth a visit. Probably, the most shabby, but at the same time the most charming among them, is for sure the Café Weidinger.

It is hidden at the corner Lerchenfelder Gürtel and Gablenzgasse, right in front of the shopping mall Lugner City. When entering, visitors are greeted by a strong smell of cigarettes, coffee and gulasch. Apart from a few adaptions, the place has remained unchanged over the past decades. This time clearly shows in the cafe’s yellowish furniture, wallpaper and curtains.

The café is family-owned since its opening in 1928. It enjoys cult status for many years and some even call it an institution. Certainly because of its historic charm, fifties décor and authentic Viennese vibes. For 90 years people have come to the Café Weidinger to drink, smoke, read the newspaper, play chess, cards, and billiards. There even is a historic bowling alley which was built in 1967 in the former coal cellar.

The coffee house is the place where people put their smartphones away to read a book and the newspaper. Where random conversation with the neighbours next table are just happening, all while drinking Spritzer and smoking. The authentic mix between workers, students, and old people coming on a daily base is probably the reason why the Weidinger is also among the favourite places of young artists, such as author Stefanie Sargnagel or musician Vodoo Jürgens, who also stop here on a regular base. Crocheted curtains are hanging in front of the windows and smoke under the ceiling. Time seems to stop here – and that feels good. (JE).

Café Weidinger Wien

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