Wiener Kriminalmuseum

Death, crime, and fires – Vienna’s Kriminalmuseum

I’m sure by now you’re more than familiar with Vienna’s obsession with death and eerily-beautiful stories. The ones that have visited our Wiener Blutchronik Tour have already visited this one of a kind museum. Vienna’s Kriminalmuseum (Crime Museum), located in the 2nd district.

With its original history tracing back to 1899, the museum is a must-see on your next trip to the inner city. Not only is the museum situated in one of the oldest houses of Vienna’s second district, once called Seifensiederhaus – first documented in 1685 – it also lets you experience the past 300 years of the dark side of Vienna.

This museum is made for the ones fascinated by true crime, the history of executions and the development of criminalistics. And you’ll even get to see the skeleton of Therese Kandl, one of Vienna’s most popular female murderers.

The museum can be visited Thursday till Sunday between 10am and 5pm. More information can be found here.

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