Parks in Vienna – Stadtpark

The Stadtpark is a true green oasis in the heart of the city!

If you are looking for a green place to relax in the inner city, the Stadtpark is the number one spot for you. The park functions as a link between the third district and the city centre. You can enter it from all directions and can even get there with the metro U4.

The Stadtpark was Vienna’s first public park and it opened on August 21, 1862. The park, laid out in the English landscape style, was equipped with a Kursalon until 1867. A drinking hall and a weather house, and many monuments followed in 1903. It is the first public green space in the city of Vienna and also the one with the most sculptures. The park is famous for its golden statue of the composer Johann Strauss’ son. This bronze statue of Johann Strauss ‘son with a marble relief by Edmund Hellmer was unveiled in 1921.

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