Parks in Vienna – Burggarten

The Burggarten is one of our favourite parks in Vienna!

Sightseeing can be quite exhausting, hence why visiting one of Vienna’s many parks can be the perfect opportunity to wind down and relax for a few moments. One of our most famous parks is the Burggarten.

Before leaving Vienna, the French blew up the massive Burgbastion in 1809. Since a reconstruction was considered pointless, the area in front of the Hofburg was redesigned. A large square was laid out, later called Heldenplatz. It is flanked by two gardens, the Burggarten and the Volksgarten. The park provides a nice view of its surrounding buildings, it offers green areas, and a few statues. If you are lucky enough, you can even get a glimpse of our famous Lippizaner, which use parts of the park as a recreational space.

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