Where to eat a great Sachertorte

Trying the Sachertorte is a must in Vienna!

Vienna’s Sachertorte is internationally famous. A dark rich chocolate cake with a thin layering of apricot jam in the middle, decorated with a mirror glaze. The history of the cake dates back to 1832. 16 year old apprentice Franz Sacher was supposed to bake a cake for Prince von Metternich and his guests. France’s recipe remains the foundation for every Original Sacher-Torte baked by hand to this very day.

But where can you eat the best Sachertorte in Vienna?

It’s not easy to give the ‘right’ answer to this question. Most Viennese will reply to this with a different spot. Most Viennese coffee houses will offer a variation of the world famous cake. But only two are allowed to call it the original one. 

In the years between 1938 and 1963, a dispute took place – with interruptions – over the use of the trademark “Original Sacher Torte” between Demel and the Hotel Sacher. An out-of-court settlement has been reached.  The Hotel Sacher granted the right to use the designation “Original Sacher Torte”, while the Hofzuckerbäckerei Demel provided its Sacher Torte with a triangular seal bearing the inscription “Eduard Sacher Torte”.

So, if you want to eat the “true” original Sachertorte, go visit the Café Sacher and try it there – but please be aware that there’s normally a long waiting time and it’s very pricey there. As stated, the Café Demel also offers the cake, but once again you have to be aware of the long waiting times and the prices. 

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