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Imperial Treasury in Vienna

As one will notice, Vienna is full of imperial buildings, impressive architecture and imperial history. Hence why visiting the Imperial Treasury in Vienna is a must!

The Imperial Treasury Vienna, located within the Hofburg Palace, is a must-see attraction for visitors to Vienna. The Treasury is home to an impressive collection of art and artifacts, including the Austrian Crown Jewels and the Imperial Regalia. Both were used in the coronation ceremonies of the Habsburg emperors.

One of the highlights of the Imperial Treasury is the Imperial Crown. The crown was used in the coronation of the last emperor of Austria, Charles I. The crown is made of gold and is adorned with precious gems, including diamonds, sapphires, and emeralds. Visitors can also see the Imperial Orb and the Imperial Sceptre, which were also used in the coronation ceremonies.

Another highlight of the Imperial Treasury is the collection of religious art and artifacts. Visitors can see the reliquaries of St. Eligius and St. Leopold, as well as an impressive collection of liturgical objects, including chalices, monstrances, and reliquaries. The Treasury also contains a vast collection of medieval art, including the famous “Saliera” (Salt cellar) by Benvenuto Cellini.

The Imperial Treasury Vienna is a must-see attraction not only for history enthusiasts but also for art lovers. Here you can learn about the history of the Habsburg dynasty and the role of the Imperial Regalia in their coronation ceremonies. The Treasury’s collection of religious art and medieval art is also impressive. While visiting Vienna, make sure to allow enough time to explore the Imperial Treasury, as the collection is vast and fascinating.

The Schatzkammer is open Wednesday to Monday from 9 am to 5.30 pm.

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