The Alte Donau

Explore the natural beauty of the Alte Donau!

If you want to spend a day outside of Vienna, we highly recommend visiting the Alte Donau! The old Danube has been the former main arm of the main Danube river, separated from the new river due to the special regulations passed in 1870 – 1875. Before the creation of the Donauinsel, this magnificent place was the most important recreation area for the Viennese. 

The lido Alte Donau (22nd district) was first opened in 1918, and is still one of Vienna’s most frequented spots today. Especially sport loving visitors appreciate the offers of the summer bath. From football, badminton and beach volleyball courts to gymnastics and fitness equipment, you can find almost everything here.

The summer bath of the old Danube is open Monday to Sunday from 8 / 9 am to 7.30 pm. More information can be found here.

And after exploring this wonderful natural place, we invite you to book a private tour with us. Together with our guides you will get to enjoy the beauty of the city itself. Many secrets await to be explored and you can do so with one of our licensed tour guides.

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