Tag des Denkmals

On September 25th we will celebrate the Tag des Denkmals!

Have you ever heard of the Tag des Denkmals? It translates to day of the monument, meaning that Austria will once again celebrate numerous monuments on this very day.

This year’s Monument Day will be a sustainable one. Focused on the motto “Monument Ahead: Monument Protection = Climate Protection” more than 270 historic properties across Austria will open their doors to interested visitors. The entrance is free of charge, showing that the monuments are not only steeped in history, culture and art, but that sustainability also plays a big part. Many of those monuments are only open to the public on this day. The day shows that monument protection and climate protection complement each other perfectly. It presents monuments throughout Austria whose owners think ahead in an exemplary way.

Numerous monuments in Vienna will also be part of this very special day. Let it be the Hofburg with the chambers of prince Rudolf and emperor Franz II./I., the Palais Todesco or the jewish cemetery in Währing.

If you are interested in the history of Vienna’s monuments, make sure to check out our private tours. Make sure to follow us on Instagram, where we post updates about events and all things Vienna!

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