The journeys of the Donnerbrunnen

Some time ago, we told you the story of the Donnerbrunnen: The fountain located in the Neuer Markt that features a partially nude reclining statue of Providentia surrounded by allegorical figures symbolizing the main rivers of Austria. The nude figures of the fountain were deemed a scandalous affront to public decency and were removed in 1773, with the order that they be melted down and destroyed. However, they were preserved and they were returned to their original location in 1801. This Donnerbrunnen is actually the original one. It was made of lead and today can be found in the Belvedere museum.

Donnerbrunnen Wien Secret Vienna

Since 1873, a copy of the fountain, made of bronze, is the one that is found in the Neuer Markt. Now, in the year 2018 this Donnerbrunnen is ready to make its own journey. But this time not because of public outcry, but because their home will be completely rebuilt. An underground garage is planned in the area of the Neuer Markt that is expected to be completed in 2022.  The idea is to convert the area in a pedestrian zone! Starting in 2019 the whole area will be a busy construction site and during this period the Donnerbrunnen will undergo a well-deserved facelift.

If you have not taken any picturesof this Donnerbrunnen in the past, this is your chance. Otherwise, your next chance won’t be until (hopefully) 2022! (Cr).

Donnerbrunnen Wien

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