Jewish History at the Judenplatz Vienna

Vienna’s Judenplatz is a spot full of history, dating back to medieval times:

Vienna has a long Jewish history. An important spot for the Jewish history is the Judenplatz Vienna.

During the mediaeval times, the Judenplatz was the centre of Jewish life in Vienna. The Judenplatz formed the centre of the so-called “Judenstadt” until 1421. Located here were the Judenspital, the (name-giving) Judenschule, the bathhouse and the house of the rabbi. The enlarged square was used for the sale of various goods, including wooden goods. Today the place is a spot of remembrance, the central place of remembrance on the Judenplatz is the Schoa memorial by Rachel Whiteread. The tiles set into the ground around the memorial bear the names of the places where Austrian Jews lost their lives during the Nazi period.

The museum Judenplatz offers a virtual tour through the Vienna of the 14th century and excavations of the medieval synagogue. On display are the religious, cultural and social living conditions of Vienna’s Jews in the Middle Ages. Click here for more information

If you don’t have the time to visit the museum, but still want to learn more about Jewish history in Vienna, join one of our private guided tours. Click here for more information.

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