The “Opera Toilet”

As a local or visitor, it is likely you have seen it (or heard it). It is located at one of the busiest pedestrian underpasses of the city. Next to one of the most frequented exits/entrances anywhere in Vienna and if you are close enough you can hear Waltz music playing all the time. What are we talking about? We are talking about the “Opera Toilet”.

The pedestrian underpass where the Opera Toilet is located is known as the Opernpassage. It is actually older than the Karlsplatz station. It was inaugurated on November 4, 1955, which is one day before the Opera was reopened after WWII. We are not sure when this specific toilet was built. In 2000 the toilet was leased to a private investor who redesigned it and became the “Opera Toilet”.

However, the city of Vienna has decided not to extend the lease and the toilet is expected to stop operating on January 1 at 9 a.m. and it will be dismantled. So, if you want to see this toilet for the first or last time or want to take a picture of it for your history book, we recommend you hurry up! (Cr).

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