Vienna’s Art Scene

Vienna is without doubt famous for its theatres and its art scene, but where did this come from? When did this trend start? Let us answer these questions and tell you a bit about Vienna’s Art Scene.

Vienna is home to numerous theatres, concert halls, museums, cinemas and small showrooms. All throughout the 20th century one can find on sayings of different institutions calling Vienna the “capital of culture”. While for the period from 1914 onwards, there were already initial works that explicitly or implicitly investigated the identity-political charges of the topos of the city of music within the framework of already established studies on the relationship between music, politics, and identity in Austria, this question, about the reason behind this fixation, is still a research desideratum for further stretches today. 

With the increase of music-related symbols in the city, the talk of Vienna as a city of music also underwent a continuous process of condensation. The central content of the narrative remains remarkably constant. A musical tradition that goes back as far as possible into the past, the emphasis on the supra-temporally outstanding heritage of the Viennese classics, and the pride in the institutions’ cultivation of this heritage form the central figures of thought.

And even though we are still quite unsure when this whole trend started, us Viennese are undoubtedly proud of Vienna’s Art Scene! If you are interested in exploring the artistic side of Vienna even further, book one of our private tours and explore the city’s Graffiti and street art!

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