Heurigen Schank zum Reichsapfel

Vienna is famous for numerous Heurigen, the Heurigen Schank zum Reichsapfel is one of our favourite ones:

Those of you that want to experience the Heurigen atmosphere but don’t want to leave the inner city, have to visit the Heurigen Schank zum Reichsapfel. The Heurigen is located in Vienna’s 2nd district (Karmeliterplatz 3). 

The house “Haus zum Reichsapfel” got built in 1788. The name of the house was inspired by the imperial orb above their entrance door. From 1830 to 1834 Johann Strauß Vater resided in this house. 

Today they offer traditional Heurigen food and Austrian wine, and they also have a few tables outside, where you can enjoy the upcoming warm summer evenings. They are open Tuesday to Saturday from 4 pm to 10 pm. 

More information can be found here. Make sure to check out our private tours, if you want to learn more about Vienna’s history. 

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