The Gloriette in Schönbrunn Palace

Schönbrunn is always worth a visit, no matter the season. The Gloriette towers over the castle and the garden, a true eyecatcher full of history.

As empress Maria Theresia ordered new constructions and renovations of the castle, the Gloriette got built, the garden’s centrepiece. The Gloriette was supposed to be a temple of glory, but it also functioned as a ballroom. The glass windows got added in 1780 and what was supposed to be a temple soon turned into the breakfast room of emperor Franz Joseph I.

The architecture got inspired by an antique triumphal arch. The trophy groups on both sides and different sculptures should remind one of the fallen.

Today one can dine and sip coffee in the Gloriette, with a breathtakingly beautiful view over Vienna. The Gloriette offers a wide range of breakfast combinations, lunch, and desserts. Specialities like the Sissi torte or the Gloriette torte are a must-try when stopping by.

Here you can read more about their opening hours and their menu.


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