Taking a horse carriage tour in Vienna – is it recommended?

Here is why a horse carriage tour in Vienna is worth it

If you stroll through Vienna’s inner city, it won’t take long till you will notice horse carriages – called Fiaker – driving past you. Fiaker are very famous among tourists, but is a horse carriage tour in Vienna really worth it?

The Fiaker have a long history in Vienna, they have been part of our tradition for centuries. There are many routes one can choose to explore Vienna by carriage, giving the trip a special feeling. Be aware that the carriage tours aren’t cheap, but taking the care of the horses, the stories the driver’s will tell, and the beautiful route you will see into consideration, it’s definitely worth the price. There is also a possibility to take a carriage tour through Vienna’s central cemetery, should you not want to explore this famous spot by foot.

So, is a Fiaker drive recommended? Depending on what you want to see and how you want to explore Vienna, a Fiaker drive can definitely be worth it. Make sure to check out our partner Riding Dinner here, where you can combine a tour through a Fiaker Horse Center with a ride in an original Fiaker.

If you want to learn more about the history of the Fiaker, check out our private tours. Click here for more information. Also check out our other partners and our Instagram,  if you still need inspiration for your upcoming Vienna adventures.

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