Vienna’s Wine Culture in Grinzing

You can enjoy Vienna’s wine culture in Grinzing, the 19th district

Vienna is undoubtedly famous for its wine culture. Especially Vienna’s 19th district is a famous spot for Heurigen. Here you can sit and relax, drink Viennese wine and enjoy the calm atmosphere. Read more to learn about Vienna’s wine culture in Grinzing.

The first mention of Grinzing dates back to 1114. TThe village came into the possession of the noble house Grinzinger, who built the Trummelhof. You can find the house in the Cobenzelgasse 30 today. This spot was built on top of Roman ruins. Vienna is the only capital worldwide, which has vineyards growing within the city borders. The Romans imported the first grape vines to Grinzing. Vienna is famous for different kinds of wine like the Grüner Vetliner.

A trip to Grinzing is definitely worth a visit. You can combine your trip to a Heurigen with a hike up the Kahlenberg (where you’ll get a beautiful view over Vienna), a stroll through the forest, or a walk through the vineyards.

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