Vienna’s Stadtwanderweg 4

Explore Vienna’s natural beauty in Stadtwanderweg 4!

As promised we want to tell you more about some beautiful hiking trails that will take you through Vienna’s suburbs. Last time we introduced you to trail 1. Today we want to give you an insight into trail number 4, Stadtwanderweg 4.

This trail is 7.2 km long, but don’t worry, you can easily access the trail from different points. The official route starts in at the Straßenbahn station Rettichgasse (part of the 14th district, you can reach the station with the Straßenbahn 49), sends you onto the Dehnegasse and to the Dehnepark, followed by the Steinböckengasse and the Satzberg, to the Seglerweg, where you will soon reach the Jubiläumswarte (don’t forget to enjoy the view from the up tower) and back down the Kreuzeichenwiese, to the Loiblstraße you will end back at the Dehnepark and the trail will find its final stop back at the Rettichgasse station. 

This may sound a bit confusing, we know. However, the hiking trail can be followed with the mobile city map. You can also follow signposts which will lead you in the right direction. You can also take a stop at the “Großes Schutzhaus” (Heschweg 320) If you want to you could get your hands on the Wanderpass (download it here), fill the pass with stamps (you can get the stamp at the terrace of the Waldschule for this trail) and you will get a small present if you fill the whole pass.

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