Here’s why you should visit the Technical Museum in Vienna

The Technical Museum is one of the most fascinating museums in Vienna!

Vienna offers a big variety of museums, let it be our Museum of Fine Arts, our Theatremuseum or the Technical Museum. It can be quite the struggle to figure out which ones are worth visiting, especially when you only have limited time on your hands.

The Technical Museum is heaven for all of those that are into science, data, tech, and engineering. Not only does the museum offer information about those topics of interest, but they also have hands-on gadgets. We’d advise you to study the museum plan beforehand. This way, you can figure out which parts of the museum are of interest – since their exhibitions can be quite overwhelming. You don’t even have to worry about entertaining your kids, since the museum offers lots of interactive stuff focused on children.

If you are interested in the history of technical evolution in Vienna, check out our private tours. Click here for more information

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