Which Viennese Desserts are worth trying

Which Viennese Desserts are worth trying?

If there’s one thing Vienna is famous for – besides art – it’s food, especially desserts. There are quite a few one can/must try, but which Viennese Desserts are worth trying?

  1. Sachertorte: This chocolate cake is one of the most famous Viennese desserts. It was created in 1832 by Franz Sacher, and it is made of two layers of chocolate cake filled with apricot jam and topped with a layer of chocolate icing. The original Sachertorte is served with whipped cream, but there are also variations such as coffee flavored and ice-cream Sachertorte.
  2. Apfelstrudel: This traditional Viennese dessert is made of thin layers of pastry wrapped around a filling of sweetened and spiced apples. The strudel is often served warm and dusted with powdered sugar.
  3. Kaiserschmarrn: This traditional dish is a type of shredded pancake, often served with a sweet apricot or plum compote. The dish is said to have been a favorite of the Austro-Hungarian Emperor Franz Joseph I.
  4. Palatschinken: These are thin pancakes that are often filled with sweet or savory fillings, such as chocolate or jam. They are often served as a dessert but also as a main dish.

These Viennese desserts are not only delicious but also an important part of the city’s culinary heritage. They are best enjoyed in one of the traditional coffeehouses, which are an integral part of Viennese culture and offer a unique atmosphere and experience.

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