Events You Shouldn’t Miss This Week

Here are some events you shouldn’t miss this week!

It can be quite overwhelming having to keep up to date with new events, concerts and things to experience in Vienna. But don’t worry, we’ve taken on this task to tell you more about the stuff you shouldn’t miss out on in the upcoming days!

Kino am Dach

Till the 31st of July you can visit this spot to watch movies on the roof of Vienna’s Hauptbücherei (Urban Loritz-Platz 2a, 1070 Wien). The screening starts at 9 pm and tickets can be bought online here.


Another open air cinema experience, here you can watch movies right at the Karlsplatz in the inner city. The fourth edition of the festival highlights the diversity of urban societies and presents a kaleidoscope of cinematic forms, urban spaces, everyday realities and stories from seventeen cities, from the metropolis to the periphery and beyond. More information can be found here.

IBA Vienna New Social Housing

Have you ever heard of the International Building Exhibition? The focus of this exhibition is modern housing and climate change. All over the city you can stumble upon parts of this exhibition. You can learn all about it here.

Queering the Belvedere

Based on prince Eugen of Savoy, the Belvedere the collection and history of the building are up for queer content examination. First, there are the rainbow flags in front of the museums. Then, there are also the thematic accents in art education at all three locations and the series of events Community Outreach and Public Program in Belvedere 21. These stand for both pride and inclusion. You can find more information here.

Naturally, beside all these fun events, you should also consider joining one of our fascinating tours in Vienna. Or even better, book a private tour and explore the city’s main sites or hidden gems. Our awesome guides are looking forward to leading you through the city’s main streets and ancient alleyways.

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